Taru Kaartinen is a 24-year-old wedding and event designer and planner, cultural producer, graphic designer and former musician. She is the CEO and co-owner of a Finnish, award winning event design studio Hey Look. Taru is also the head designer of an internationally known wedding design brand Nord & Mae. She is the youngest competitor in the history of Finland's Diili (The Apprentice).

With her roots coming from the cold of Lapland, Taru grew up to be very outspoken, rational and tough-skinned. As she is level-headed, Taru is also warm-hearted and full of laughter. Being a highly passionate feminist, she holds topics such as body positivity, anti-racism and women's rights close to her heart. Taru values kindness, equality and transparency above everything else.

In the future Taru hopes to grow her own all-female business and wishes to be part of more companies that are able to create positions for creative women. Her hope is also to give more knowledge to young people about becoming an entrepreneur at a young age. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Taru sees herself working more in television and media and is excited to tip her toes into more public projects.


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