I’m Taru Kaartinen, 22 year-old girl living in Helsinki. I study cultural management in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Before I began to study cultural management I studied and graduated from a conservatory and an upper secondary school. My history with music is one of the things that led me to study cultural production in a first place.


But who is Taru Kaartinen after all? My friends say that I’m the leader of the group, girl with a big heart and with lots of knowledge and wisdom – sort of like ”the mom” of our little group, who always takes care of anyone and never ever forgets a birthday. My friends turn to me with many things: anything from booking a trip to the other side of the world to issues with work or anything interior related, like for example picking just the right color for your bedroom wall. I myself always congratulate myself on being such a hard worker with a high motivation and moral - both personal and work wise - and also staying really calm under pressure. I’m at my best when something is about to go really wrong or there are no good ideas available – I always find a way to cheer everyone up and come up with new innovations.


When I was still in upper secondary school I was sure that in the future I’d be a vocal coach. After some very fortunate coincidences I realised that producing and organizing events was more my cup of tea and I decided to try my wings with cultural management. I finally found myself a profession where I can execute all the things that I’ve dreamt of doing in the future: marketing, organizing, planning and most importanlty working with culture.


Because of my history with music  and singing I thought that the right culture for me to work with was - obviously - music. I did my first internship at Warner Music Finland Live and after that I realized that it was time for a change. After I had found producing music as an any kind of profession just didn’t feel quite the same. It was actually quite a shock since at the beginning of this realization it sort of felt like I had just wasted 11 years of my life doing music and for nothing. After the initial shock started to fade away I noticed that I was actually struggling not because I didn’t want to work with music but because there were so many other things I wanted to work with. Still there was nothing so interesting that I felt like making a profession out of it.


In the beginning of 2018 I met a girl from Netherlands, Valeria. She told me that her dream was to become a wedding planner and that’s when it hit me: wedding planning would be exactly what I would like to do and what would combine all the things that I love. It was pure producing but with so many visual elements like styling, photographing and visual design. So that’s when I began my second internship at the Finland’s leading wedding styling company Hey Look and funnily enough, found my dream job. I consider myself lucky since I didn’t need to choose a thing that I liked the most – I just had to find a job where I could combine all of them.


After finding my dream job, it has been easier to see what the future has planned for me. It has been my dream to create my own business for many years now and in the past months the idea has finally started to come clearer in my head.


In the future I would still love to plan weddings, parties and events and continue writing my blog in a more professional way. I’m a firm believer that continuously teaching yourself new things is the key to greatness and that’s why I’m sure that when I graduate from Metropolia it won’t be the end for my education. I’d love to study more visual professions like interior design and graphic design, but I would also love to study marketing and leadership. I also have always dreamt about writing a book, even though the idea has moved from novels to more of a self help books and different kinds of guides.


If there’s something I’ve learned, it’s that there’s no harm in change and every closed door opens many more new and better ones.