So guys - it's been a while! The rest of the year didn't exactly go as I had planned, since in the beginning of December I found myself more or less drowning in school assignments. Glad to tell you though, that I actually finished them all and am now so much closer of graduating. Yay! After all the crazy amount of work and time I spent in front of the computer I kind of found myself drained, so when I finished the last bits of the assignments while on the train to Lapland I kind of just decided to count my losses and not worry about anything for the whole vacation. And man, it has been amazing! I decided not to stress about posting to Instagram or not to stress about posting to my blog or not to stress about finding enough time to see everyone and spend time with everyone and it was a good decision. I can truly and actually say that even though these last weeks have been busy (in a good way!), I am super relaxed and happy to get back to Helsinki and on the grind!

What I've been up to then? In the beginning of these three weeks we had the most fun Christmas party with my girls: we spent the night at my friends place and then went to few night clubs to dance and it must've been one of the best nights of the whole year. While in Tornio I also got my hair dyed after 6 months and it's now all fresh and blonde. Can't wait to show it to you better in some photos when I get back to Helsinki. I've also been to two gigs: the first one was a tribute to a Finnish band called Happoradio and the second one was a more of a party set at New Year's Eve. Almost every time I come to Tornio I go and see some live music - usually my friends are playing in the bands, but sometimes we just go together to hang out and catch up.

The rest of the time I've just spent with my family, my boyfriends family and my friends, hanging at home and playing lots of board games. Our Christmas (the reason why I even came here in the first place) was really nice and I did a surprise table setting for my family to cheer them up even more on a special holiday. I'm going to make a post about it here on the blog too, since I got so many questions about it in Instagram and thought I would answer them all at once. I also got some really lovely gifts for Christmas and a one book I'm specially excited about. ALSO, I bought some gifts for myself and few items to match something I got from my boyfriend. I feel like they deserve their own post too, because they're so beautiful!

But now to the thing I really came to tell you about... Can't believe I'm actually writing this down and that it's finally true.

But. We're finally, FINALLY(!!!) moving! *insert a happy scream here*

So, this might not be that exciting to some of you since moving is kind of a basic thing, but for us it has been a real struggle, haha. About a year ago we decided that the place we live in is getting too small for us and we need to find a new apartment. At the same time we were really happy about the fact that the rent was so low and we kind of didn't want to work our asses of in some random work places to just pay the rent and still only merely get by. We decided then, that we would only try to get an apartment from this sort of 'foundation' that offers apartments for students studying in Helsinki. At the same time we decided that if we wouldn't get a new apartment through them we would just give up and not move until we both graduate.

Well, fast forward to the beginning of December, when we had been on the waiting list for almost a year. I had kind of lost hope, but then we got an offer from an apartment at Viikki. Well, obviously we both got really excited for a few seconds and then after that we checked the offer... Not at all what we expected: it was half a square meter bigger than our apartment right now and the rent was over 200 euros more. Safe to say, that we didn't want to accept that apartment, but (yes, there is a big but) when you get an offer from the foundation, you need to accept it or you will end up back at the bottom of the waiting list. So, after a few phone calls and some mild raging over the phone, I got the offer canceled and they promised to put us back on the top of the list.

After this little bump on the apartment road I kind of just forgot about the whole thing, because I thought they wouldn't send us a new offer until 2019. But last week we got an offer and safe to say, it's the apartment we only dreamt of: lots of space, all new surfaces, an extra room for my boyfriends guitar gear, really close to school and... *drum roll* it's even in one of our dream locations in Helsinki. We're so so so happy!

The moving day will be in less than a month and I'm so excited about it - have I mentioned that already...? Haha. I'm kind of on a roll of buying new things for the new home and I'll probably make some mood boards for different rooms to share here. I hope you love interior stuff, because there will be lots of that in the upcoming spring!

But now, it's time for me to sign off, do my make up and head over to see my girlfriends one last time before heading back to south tomorrow morning. We're going to have a movie night with chinese food and maybe some wine (it's Coca Cola Zero for me though, I'm driving!). Have a nice Saturday you guys and let's get back in touch when I'm back in Helsinki - byyyye!