How is January working for you guys? I'm super excited about this month, since it's the last month of living in our old apartment and the start of many new, nice things. For me the start of the year has been all about organizing (Marie Kondo got me motivated in getting rid of stuff even though I promised myself that wouldn't happen...), looking for some great interior pieces for the new home, trying to find my three packages that DHL lost and still haven't found and trying to get ahead of the move, so that we won't end up doing everything in a hurry in the last week or so. My studies are also in full swing, graduation is getting closer day by day and that actually makes me really happy - for some reason I feel like I've grown a lot during this education and I'm feeling surprisingly calm about the transition towards my future. That might sound like a really basic thing for some, but not for me since I've struggled a lot with what I would do after I graduate. But that's a subject for another post!

This intro about the start of January had sort of a point to it too. I wanted to come and talk to you about my resolutions for this year. I'm not that big on promises or resolutions when it comes to myself, but this year I felt like I wanted something more than just some dreams and goals far in the future. I also like to take some time to find the best resolutions for me and something that really serves me in the moment. It's definitely okay to make a promise to drink more water if that serves you (and let's face it, drinking water is important), but I wanted to go a bit deeper this time. My pro tip for New Year's resolutions: instead of treating them like a long goal, treat them more as a to do -list. I bet you get more done that way, because I certainly do! But without further ado, let's get to my resolutions:


So, this is something I've actually already started (sorry Mom, I promise to translate all my posts to you if necessary!). I've been thinking about this long and hard, since obviously Finnish is my first language, but at the same time I feel like I have a quite an international audience. I've also received a number of messages in Instagram that people have noooo idea what I'm writing about and at the same time I think that almost every Finn who reads my blog will understand even if I will only write in English. With this transition I also want to introduce a newer way of posting: maybe not as frequently, but maybe a bit longer posts that are more high quality and have a more specific subject to them. How does that sound for you guys?

The second reason behind the language change is that I've been dancing around the idea of filming vlogs. It feels like such a scary thing to do, since it's a whole other way of exposing yourself to people. I find it quite scary to be honest, but at the same time I believe firmly that instead of running from your fears, you should face them and get on top of them. Maybe this might be one of those things for me! I did a poll about the idea to my Instagram Stories and most of the people who answered wanted me to do vlogs in Finnish, so that's what I'll do then! And by doing them in Finnish I have a great way of making my blog more international and my (possible) vlogs more for my Finnish audience. Also, I just have to mention one podcast while talking about fears and conquering them: Take Fl1ght by Mark Whittle and specially episode 10 with Lydia Elise Millen. Such a great little talk around the subject!


When thinking on this subject I actually realize there are not that many things that really matter to me so much they're worth stressing about. I read this awesome quote that said something like "if it's not going to matter in five years, don't spend more than five minutes worrying about it" and it hit me on a personal level, because I often find myself stressing over the mildest of things. Though, stressed might not be exactly the right word, since I'm kind of a stress-free person by nature, but at the same time I do a lot of overthinking. This is actually something I try to remind myself about at least monthly and I've noticed that the older I get the more easily I just let things be and move in their own way. And damn, doesn't that just feel good. Giving less and less f*cks yearly and I can honestly say that's a good thing to try!


For me this means many things: reading and listening more news, finding new books to read that are either classics everyone should know or pieces that make me better professionally or as a person (2 books down already and the month is not even halfway yet!), watch more documentaries on all sorts of different things and not just about the things I find interesting and lastly finding a new hobby. I think it was a few months ago that I wrote in my Instagram how I find learning so rewarding and such a big part of our everyday life and life in general and I'm actually going to push myself even more towards learning new skills and things this year than ever before. My ultimate goal would be to learn a new language, but during the last year of school that might be just a bit too much, haha. Maybe that's a good resolution for 2020?


I have to admit: I have never been good with money. I regularly find new things to use it on and those might be literally anything from a new tea pot to some new towels. This year I've promised to make myself a better plan on how to save some money and how to get on top of my own economy. I've actually red about the subject lately and since I'm this young I'm in a really good place to start saving many, since I don't have any big loans or not that many big monthly expenses. I actually think that I'm going to go to the bank and have some help in saving money so that it'll be as efficient and productive as possible. This is also a part of the new things I'm trying to educate myself, so it's like killing two birds with one stone - perfect!


I feel like I've been slacking with Instagram and my blog lately. Obviously a big part of that was my trip to Lapland, but even before that I felt like pushing content live was a real struggle. I know that I could never do a post a day (even on Instagram), but I'm trying to be more engaged through Instagram Stories and post there more often just about my daily life. Also, if I'm now headed to Youtube with the vlogs you're going to be seeing more of me anyways so yeah, hopefully lots of more content on the way for you guys!

I have to admit though, that while everyone is going all "real" and #nofilter on their own feeds, I like to keep my Instagram all about pretty pictures, nice filters and more quality over quantity. Even though I'm all for authenticity, I still see Instagram as a place of beauty and that's how I personally want to keep it too. And no matter what anyone says... Behind all the realness and posts without filter, Instagram still isn't and probably won't ever be "real life". But that's okay, since everyone needs to have a sense of privacy in their lives and deciding yourself what to post and what moments to share is exactly what creates it. I kind of got side-tracked here, but oh well! Haha.


This is a resolution I've been trying to get on top of for many years now, but now I really have to make it happen. By the end of last year I started to you Google Calendar and that has been a massive change for the better already! I'm also enjoying scheduling my days a bit more and hopefully by the end of this spring I've mastered this whole time managing thing. This section also includes getting up and getting to sleep sooner... Such a struggle for me, but we'll get there eventually!


And lastly... Could there be a better resolution? I've spent the last two and a half years getting to know my new surroundings, feeling homesick, feeling out of place and just feeling a bit down in the dumps sometimes and now I've finally found my happiness here in Helsinki. I also know that the move is going to help with this one a lot, but there are lots of other things I want to do this year. My ultimate goals are to invite my friends to our place more often, maybe have a few nice parties with good food and nice people, go for long walks in our new home area, enjoy picnics in the sun, take care of myself more and just in general find moments to just enjoy with out nothing being a distraction. Sounds already perfect and I'm set to make this my year of extreme happiness and living life to the fullest!

Now it's time for me to head to the shower, hit the bed and maybe watch the last episodes of You I have left on Netflix... Have you watched it yet? It's really good and in my opinion one of the best series released in a while - though Bodyguard was amazing too. Tomorrow we have another day of wardrobe cleaning and packing ahead of us and I can't wait to already get everything out of here and get the keys to the new apartment. And I also can't wait to show the new place for you, since I have been really doing everything I can within my budget to make the space look really nice.

But now, shutting of the computer and off to the shower - have an amazing weekend you guys!